Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Hiya, My name’s Mike Taylor and I’m from the United Kingdom. I was born in 1993, started riding in 2006 and joined the Impact Team in 2011. My specialty is unicycle high jump but I’m a keen trials rider and also do some flatland riding. I enjoy pushing the limits of unicycle high jump with massive side hops, static hops, up gaps and other unicycle power moves. I enjoy making videos, riding in awesome locations and making the unicycle impossible, possible. Unicycling is my complete passion.

Titles: 2x High jump over bar World Champion (142cm WR), High jump to platform World Champion (147cm WR) 3x British Trials Champion, British Street Champion 2009, British high jump Champion.


Mike’s Unicycle Setup:

Saddle: Axel Carbon with Impact Cover
Seatpost: KH Onepiece 27.2
Seatpost Clamp: Salsa Clamp
Frame: 20″ Impact Gravity (32mm)
Wheel-Size: 19″
Tyre: OBR Gekok 19 x 2.5″
Rim: 19″ Impact
Spokes: Echo double butted silver spokes
Hub: Exceed Titanium Hub
Cranks: Impact Eiffel Tower Cranks 140mm
Pedals: Eclat Contra pedals/Kona wah wahs