EUC Report/Photos – Raphael Pöham

This summer EUC in Miskolc, Hungary was one of the best EUC yet! With Mark Fabian as an organizer, he knew exactly what a convention/competition need to have and made everything perfect.


The trials course was huge with lots of different, creative lines.


Flatland took place on the main place of Miskolc in front of a big church, also attracting audience which knew nothing about unicycling yet. And street took place in the main area of EUC, an old private factory place.


Beside great competitions we also shared good times with the unicycling community, meeting all our friends from all over the world!

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High Jump
1. Tim Desmet
2. Aidan Teleki
3. Márk Fábián

1. Lorenz Pöham
2. Raphael Pöham
3. Kornél Auth

1. Levente Németh
2. Mark Fabian
3. Tim Desmet

1. Christian Brink
2. Kornél Auth
3. Elias Pöham

AUTH-The Game
1. Raphael Pöham
2. Lorenz Pöham
3. Christian Brink

Best Trick:
Raphael Pöham (Flip-Boomboom-Outflip)

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