Bobousse’s 2015 Reagent Frame Review

Bobousse François Lizé:

“Two weeks ago I’ve been very happy to receive the new gravity frame, and the new reagent frame. But I’m gonna speak only about the new reagent frame because that’s the one I prefer to ride as I’m more a square crown frame rider…


Telling you that the new reagent is totally different than the previous one would be a lie, but many things have been improved on this new version of the frame. To start nothing really changed about the weight, the new frame is slightly lighter than the older one but nothing really significant.

Sans titre-1-small

You can notice here that the weld beads looks better on the new frame than on the older one. The new frame also got rid of the « T » reinforcement plates on each sides.

Sans titre-2-small

The « wheel arch » has also been redesigned. The bearings change means that the new bearing holders are smaller.


Speaking of the bearings, this is probably the biggest upgrade of the reagent frame (same upgrade for the gravity). I felt while riding that the sensations are a lot different with those bearings, the wheel set flips better and feels stiffer and more responsive between the wheel and the frame for uni-spins for example.


Overall I’m pretty happy by riding that new frame, Thanks Impact Unicycles!”