19″ Impact rim review – Márk Fábián

Rims come and go, if you ride hard, there’s no other way. Although I never considered myself as a big wheel-breaker, after killing three wheelsets over a month I started thinking what’s wrong… Tried various spoke patterns, different rims; then I ended up using an undrilled rim with eyelets, 4 crosses spoke pattern on a heavy hub.


This helped the case, while my uni felt so heavy I could really tell the difference. I am not a weight weenie, but I was sure I needed something lighter – but not weaker. Soon I could put my hands on a fresh new Gravity unicycle, I was stoked to ride that after my ‘training beast’.


Then I received a new prototype for testing, a rim that was especially designed for extreme unicycling. Felt nice and light, I immediately built a wheel on this new interesting piece. Since then – 2014, July I still ride that rim. I broke numerous spokes and I mend it at least once a month, but it is still fairly true, and holds one super nicely.


After more than 20 months of intense use, none of the inner walls are broken between the drilled holes; which is truly amazing for me considering these were usually broken within 1-2 months when I used other rims. To be very honest, I never expected this, this rim truly surprised me – I am totally satisfied with it!

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