Sophia Pellman

Sophia Pellman

I’m 22 years old, live in Los Angeles and spend my days riding and teaching the next generation of little unicycling superstars. I’ve been riding for as long as I can remember but everything changed in 2009 I discovered Street and Flatland. I immediately got obsessed. I love how unique and creative unicycling is and all the travels, friends and possibilities it has given me. After a couple years of Street riding and countless injuries I now focus on Flatland / Flatstyle and pushing it into new directions and creating my own style.

UNICON 2010 World Champion Flat & Street,
UNICON 2012 3rd place Flatland,
UNICON 2014 1st place Flatland,
UNICON 2016 1st Place Flatland,
UNICON 2016 2nd Street & Slopestyle Street


Sophia’s Unicycle Setup

Saddle: Axel Carbon with Impact Cover
Seatpost: KH 27.2
Seatpost Clamp: Impact 1Bolt (31.8)
Frame: 20″ KH 2008
Wheel-Size: 20″
Tyre: Flybikes Ruben Rampera 20×2.35
Rim: 20″ Impact Sylph
Spokes: Stainless Steel 14g
Hub: Impact Hub with 42mm Bearings
Cranks: QX-Zero Cranks 125mm
Pedals: Nimbus Plastic – Black