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Ivar Christenson

Hello I’m Ivar Christenson. I do flatland. Real flatland with a lot of combos and coasts. Some of my biggest inspirations are Ayrton Vasquez who rides with BMXers in Argentina and Pablo Codes who brings in new elements to flat, and also Josef Sjönneby who got me started to it when i saw him in the swedish championship 2014. Today I have the silver medal in flatland in Sweden. I’m excited to see where unicycling goes in the coming years and hope I can take part in leading it.


Ivar’s Unicycle Setup:

Saddle: UDC Carbon Base / Impact Naomi
Seatpost: KH Forged (25.4mm) / Nimbus (25.4mm)
Seatpost Clamp: Nimbus Doublebolt (30.5mm)
Frame: 20″ Nimbus Equinox 300mm
Wheel-Size: 20″
Tyre: Impact Sylph 20×2.4″
Rim: Impact Sylph 20″ / Kris Holm 20″
Spokes: Black 14G
Hub: Kris Holm / Impact
Cranks: Impact Groovy 130mm / Impact Eiffel 118mm
Pedals: Round Plastic – Blue
Stickers: Impact and Unitwins