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Erik Winterfeldt

Hi everyone!.. I’m Erik Winterfeldt, born in 1997, Trollhättan, Sweden. I have always loved jumping, I even tried to jump before I could walk, so when I started riding in 2008 it was pretty natural to start jumping with the unicycle too. Since then, I have been dedicated to unicycling, especially trial. I love the everyday challenges that unicycling have given me and all opportunities to travel, see new places and meet riders from all over the world.


Erik’s Unicycle Setup:

Saddle: UDC Carbon with Impact Cover
Seatpost: KH Onepiece 27.2
Seatpost Clamp: Koxx One 31.8
Frame: 20″ Impact Gravity (32mm)
Wheel-Size: 19″
Tyre: Monty Eagle Claw Pro-Race 19 x 2.6″
Rim: 19″ Kris Holm Freeride
Spokes: Black 14G
Hub: Kris Holm (Blue)
Cranks: Impact Eiffel Tower 140mm
Pedals: Superstar Components Nanotech
Stickers: Impact Unicycles