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20″ Impact Sylph Unicycle – Black

The Sylph has been developed by some of the top riders in the world to give the ultimate in riding performance.

With its high volume 20″ tyre offering fantastic control and grip while performing a variety of skills and transfers. The tyre is mounted to a brand new 20″ 47mm wide rim which gives the tyre an amazing profile and helps minimise pinch flats.The Reagent frame has a square top crown with a large and secure foot placement area for frame tricks and coasting. The Sylph also comes with the brand new 118mm Eiffel cranks.


Saddle: Impact ‘Naomi’ Unicycle Saddle – Black
Seatpost: Impact ‘ALLinONE’ Seatpost 300mm (27.2mm)
Seatclamp: Impact ‘1 Bolt’ Seatpost Clamps – White (31.8mm)
Frame: 20′ Impact ‘Reagent’ Frame – Black
Hub: Impact  ISIS CrMO 36 spokes – White (Small Flanges)
Cranks: Impact ‘Eiffel Tower’ ISIS Cranks (118mm)
Pedals: Impact ‘All Bran’ Pedals – Black
Spokes: Stainless Black ED Finish
Rim: Impact 47mm Wide Rim – White
Rim Tape: White Included
Tyre: BMX tyre – 20″ x 2.4″

Weight: 4.8kg

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