Adam Gerza
Czech-Republic Adam Gerza

I ride trial on unicycle. I started with this sport more than 10 years ago. My motto is “Shut up and train!” and I work hard to achieve my goals.”​ I also organize events for riders, ride shows, create trials videos and teach people to riding unicycle in our unicycle school Try One which i founded.

Casper Van Tielraden
Netherlands Casper Van Tielraden

I’m 15 and I’m from The Netherlands. I ride street and flat. I started riding when I was around 8/9 years old. I love riding and the feeling of landing (new) tricks. And everything that comes along wit hit. The unicycle community, traveling, seeing new places, and making new friends.

Damien Dyonne
France Damien Dyonne

I’m Damien Dyonne, I’m 21 years old and I live in Dijon (France). I started unicycling at secondary school during circus animation eight years ago. Two years later, I had my first unicyclist shock when I saw the first unicycle flat battles at the French Championship. Till this day, I ride flatland and street, and it became a real way of life. I love these discipline because of the sensations, and the creativity you can have. Otherwise, I also love this sport because of all the people I met, people who are now some of my best friends. In 2012 I was the French flatland champion, and second at the Extreme Unicycle Championship, plus I reached final battles at the World Championship (Unicon).

Ell Bateman
United-Kingdom Ell Bateman

Hi, I’m Ell Bateman, I’m from Stockton On Tees In the north east of England. I’m mainly a street and flat rider. I love riding unicycles because you get to go to some amazing comps and meet and ride with some great people.

Jan Rehecek
Czech-Republic Jan Rehecek

Hi! I am Jan Řeháček (Richie) from Czech republic. I ride mainly trials and I enjoy every training session with other riders who motivate me and push forward. I have been riding since 2008. I am 23 years old and I live in Prague where are many places to ride trial, especially stones and rock spots which I love the most of all! Unicycling is for me the best way to relax and escape from everyday problems. Ride on!

Rob Terry
United-Kingdom Rob Terry

Hi! I’m Rob Terry, 23 and from the south east coast of the U.K. I began riding in October 2011 and started dedicating my time to Street and Flatland in 2012. Since then I’ve set and broken a Guinness world record, been to Bahrain and the Faroe Islands, performed on Live Tv and at events across the UK as well as making some incredible friends from all over the world. All thanks to being a part of the amazing Unicycling community.

In February I came 3rd in advanced flat at Winter EUC.

Simon Berry
United-Kingdom Simon Berry

Hi! I’m Simon and I’m an all round urban rider from the UK! I’m currently UK Flatland Unicycle Champion, and ranked 2nd in the UK for trials. I have a passion for displays, demos, and shows, which started with Voodoo Unicycles, and after leaving the team in early 2016, I continue to perform with co-performers Mike Taylor and Sam Goodburn!

Sophia Pellman
Sophia Pellman

I’m 22 years old, live in Los Angeles and spend my days riding and teaching the next generation of little unicycling superstars. I’ve been riding for as long as I can remember but everything changed in 2009 I discovered Street and Flatland. I immediately got obsessed. I love how unique and creative unicycling is and all the travels, friends and possibilities it has given me. After a couple years of Street riding and countless injuries I now focus on Flatland / Flatstyle and pushing it into new directions and creating my own style.

Titles: UNICON 2010 World Champion Flat & Street, UNICON 2012 3rd place Flatland, UNICON 2014 1st place Flatland, UNICON 2016 1st Place Flatland, 2nd Street & Slopestyle Street

Waylon Batt
Australia Waylon Batt

When I was around 11 years old I went to a 3 day circus festival and found a unicycle laying on the ground so I picked it up and started trying to ride it, I learnt to ride within the 3 days and not to long after I got my own unicycle to ride I then started going down to my local skate park and tried to drop in some ramps I got more into the sport after I started watching online videos and was amazed by what was possible from seeing videos like defect, Koxx one vid Unicon 15, Dan Heaton and various other videos I then went to my first ever event (Uninats 2012) and was fully inspired by the people I met and to keep progressing my riding. I’m now a sponsored rider by Impact unicycles and also on the hippo unicycles team and came first place in Slopestyle Street and made it to the street finals at Unicon 18 🙂