IMPACT Factory Team

Márk Fábián
Hungary Márk Fábián

Hey! I’m Márk Fábián from Budapest, Hungary; and I ride mainly Trials. Started riding in 2005 and I am a proud member of the Impact Team since 2009. I enjoy all kinds of challenges in trials: big hops, technical lines, skinnies – everything. One of my main points is that I always try to accomplish my lines straight to tire – clean and steezy! Whether if I am at a trials park getting some challenging lines or in the city doing some street-influenced moves – I love riding with my friends. Unicycling brings the plus to my life; I am honored and happy to belong to this awesome community!

Titles: Trials World Champion, High Jump World Champion 2008, 3x Stillstand World Champion, 10x EUC Trials Champion

Elias Pöham
Austria Elias Pöham

Hello everyone! My name is Elias Pöham. I come from Tirol – Austria and I am born here in 1993. I started unicycling in 2005 together with my jounger brother Raphael. Lorenz joined the Pöham-Brothers a few months later. It is really motivating to have 2 brothers to ride with. The best thing about unicycling is the spirit of all the unicylcling people. I love it to travel arround the world to meet other riders. I focused my riding on creativ stuff and it is always a great feeling to invent new tricks. One of my favourite tricks are balance challenges. Riding on a rail, chain or slackline makes my heart beat faster and gives me with every ride lots of new possibilities to make impossible things possible. I am soo happy to be a part of the Impact Team. Our team spirit is just amazing. I love the feeling to ride for this brand with such awesome teammates who all became my best friends. Unicycling is life.

Raphael Pöham
Austria Raphael Pöham

Yo what’s up?! My name is Raphael Pöham, I was born in 1995 and I’m living in Tirol, Austria. I’m a Flatland and Street rider since 2005 when I started riding with my two brothers Lorenz and Elias. It’s cool to have two bros to ride with, as you never have to ride alone and you always have sombody who motivates you to do new stuff. Unicycling gave me the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world. I’ve met so many great people and friends through unicycling! Thanks a lot to my parents, who support my brothers and me wherever they can.

Titles: Flatland World Champion 2014, 4x Flatland European Champion, 2x Street European Champion

Lorenz Pöham
Austria Lorenz Pöham (Loggi)

Hello everybody! My Name is Lorenz Pöham and I am born in 1997. I’ve been riding for over 10 years now, and I still enjoy it very much. For me the greatest part of unicycling is, to spent time with all your friends from all over the globe and to go through an adventure together. I am mainly riding Flatland, because I like to think of new possibilities and figuring out new stuff. My biggest success took place at Unicon 18 in San Sebastian (Spain), where i ended up first in Flatland. I surely will try to progress my skills in the future and hopefully see you all very soon. Peace.

Tim Desmet
Belgium Tim Desmet

I’m Tim Desmet, born in 1993, live in Belgium and started unicycling in 2007. I’m an allround rider, so I ride trial, street and flatland. Things I like about unicycling are: doing creative tricks, pushing my own limits and of course the possibility of meeting new people and travelling a lot.

Mike Taylor
United-Kingdom Mike Taylor

Hiya, My name’s Mike Taylor and I’m from the United Kingdom. I was born in 1993, started riding in 2006 and joined the Impact Team in 2011. My specialty is unicycle high jump but I’m a keen trials rider and also do some flatland riding. I enjoy pushing the limits of unicycle high jump with massive side hops, static hops, up gaps and other unicycle power moves. I enjoy making videos, riding in awesome locations and making the unicycle impossible, possible. Unicycling is my complete passion.

Titles: 2x High jump over bar World Champion (142cm WR), High jump to platform World Champion (147cm WR) 3x British Trials Champion, British Street Champion 2009, British high jump Champion.

Levente Nemeth
Hungary Levente Németh

“Hello everyone! My name is Levente Németh and I am 17 years old. I started riding a unicycle back in 2008 and since then I’ve been riding trial. I mostly train in my backyard at lake Balaton in Hungary, where I love to practice technical lines and improve my skills. I frequently change the course up to give me a bigger variety of lines since, I don’t live close to a big city. Although I love to ride with my friends, so whenever I have the chance I travel to Budapest to train together. Unicycling has become a big part of my life and what really motivates me is finding a new challenge when I go out to ride. This summer during the European Championship here in Hungary, I was able to take the 1st place in the expert trial competition and that has motivated me to ride even harder.”